Tuesday, February 2, 2016

One week to go!

One of the first things Andy and I did together in Christchurch three years ago happened to be a “Global Exposure” course which aimed to wrestle with and discuss some of the issues of global inequality, theology and our relationship to others overseas.

This has been something we are both pretty passionate about and it fuelled both our interest in experiencing more of other cultures and places to help grow our understanding of the world and how it works. Over time, a plan has developed and it is pretty exciting to be setting out shortly on our big trip!

It’s a tricky thing to balance your travel ideals with practicalities and logistics which has meant there has been some compromise in being able to meet all the ideals of responsible, ethical and constructive/empowering world travel. But, hopefully as we go we are able to travel well, and share little bits of life we people we meet along the way.

Shakedown tour to Davauchille's Bay in Akaroa Habour

 It seems to fit! I’ve done a bit of cycle touring before and loved it – the independence of it, being able to stay in small villages that regular tourists pass through, meeting children along the way as they honk your horn and adults who seem amazed by the maps we carry. It’s a cool way to travel! It also hits some of our other things we are passionate about like simplicity, low impact and mingling and mixing with locals along the way!

Despite having done a bit before – we still are not exactly sure of what to expect. But some things we hope to ponder/discover/experience might be - 

  • To learn from the people/communities and cultures we are with and experience life and friendship in these places
  • To discover how different communities experience and express their understanding of the world
  • To contribute meaningfully where we are (hopefully surveying and teaching can be a part of this)
  • To think about how our lives here in NZ affect others around the world
  • To cope with the physical, emotional and environmental challenges we come across

I introduced Andy to this song by Midge Marsden (A NZ artist) a few weeks ago and we thought is was fitting as a bit of a theme song for the year - well worth a listen if you don't know it! Check it out here: Travellin On

We're travellin' on, We're travellin' on
Each town we met, is our happy home,
Well if we aren't here, then we must be gone,
Travelling On

We've been North, South , East and West,
Most places in between,
Well I think we could, I know we could,
write a book on where we've been
Cos we don't know where we're going, but we do know where we've been
Travellin On, Travelling On.....

Enjoying wild pears along the Little River rail trail on the way home.

Phew – that ended up long, well done if you are still reading. 

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Miri (& Andy)


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  2. Excellent Miri, I love the rationale, the vision, its all very organised :) Safe travels and I look forward to following your progress.
    Bon Voyage!